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Company Profile

aziendaSince 2007 the italian company Bacartuning manufactures top quality chassis dynamometers for car and bikes. Bacartuning headquarter is based in the north-east of Italy, close to Vicenza and Padova industrial districts: this ensures that all parts of "Warmup PRO" dynos are designed, manufactured, assembled and tested in Italy. Customer service therefore can be supplied in very short time all over the Europe.

Since 1999 Auto Consulting works with car workshops and top tuners, supplying the best data acquisition software tools for engines and dampers performance evaluation.The same engineering group has developed many custom solutions for automotive engineering: datalog tools via CAN, dedicated software for CAM applications (hydroforming machinery) C-CAN and B-CAN analyses for driving style evaluation, air filters characterization, air conditioning components characterization.

Auto Consulting is the official distributor for "Warmup PRO" chassis dynamometers product line: all of these roller benches are featured by a Real Time SB-RIO Data Acquisition Core, embedded EOBD-CAN ISO15765 telemetry and internet upgradable software. This brand new product line has been just presented at PMW 2017 Professional Motorsport World Exhibition in Cologne.


Come to visit us on our websites:

facebook logos PNG19761 On Facebook: Auto Consulting Sas



Warm up moto


banco moto

For those who need to perform power tests on motorbikes, the new specific hardware / software add-on is now available (both for Warm-up 4WD and for Warm-up 4WD Synchro).

With the addition of a simple front wheel lock system it is now possible to measure torque and power of motorcycles of any displacement.
The system consists of a removable base to be installed on the bench (with 16mm diameter pins), on which the wheel stops and the clamping bars are hooked.

The modification of the wheelbase can be done either by changing the positioning of the wheel lock system on the base, or by using the movement system of the test bench. In this way it is possible to obtain an extremely precise and fast regulation that reduces setup times to a minimum.

The software functions available are identical as for cars: power measurement, constant speed and speed tests, tests with constant and variable loads.




Dyno 4WD Synchro


Warm-Up 4WD PRO is a brand new roller bench, tailored both for engine testing and for last generation cars, vans or LCVs fine tuning.
A sound design and a thorough manufacturing make Warm-Up 4WD PRO a valuable tool for top tuners.

LEADING MECHANIC20171110 122834
Warm-up 4WD PRO is completely designed, manufactured and tested in Italy. Its mechanical components and structures have been galvanized, the rotating shafts (50 mm diameter) are made of reinfroced steel, the mechanical couplings are fitted with elastic joints thus giving reliability and compatability to its production.


Its eddy current brakes apply up to 160 kgm braking torque; moreover its data acquisition system is able to syncronize the data stream from bench sensors with the ones coming from vehicle EOBD-CAN interface. The electrical driven roller
actuation makes Warm-up 4WD PRO able to test the vehicles equipped with non-detachable traction control system.


aquisitionWarm-Up PRO algorithm requires a brief data entry and in a few steps it outputs torque and power measurements both at wheel and at crankshaft. The user needs to input a reduced set of vehicle data, to perform a calibration of the rpm/speed ratio, and at last to accelerate at full load.
The measurements are performed according to SAE J1349: therefore the calculations are corrected against environmental conditions.
The data outputs may be stored, compared, averaged, printed and exported in spreedsheet format.

Warm-Up 4WD PRO is fully equipped with its electronics, firmware, HMI software, wide band lambda probes, wireless remote control, cabling, user manuals and technical documentation.



Ozio Gallery made with ❤ by Open Source Solutions

Software/Upgrade kit

homeThe bench calculator software allows the user to perform in a few steps all torque and engine power measures: the user only needs to enter a few data of the vehicle, proceed to the so-called "RPM calibration" and finally perform a full load acceleration. During the deceleration phase, Warm-Up PRO calculates acceleration, load cell values, torque, wheel power, and power to the crankshaft. All measurements are made according to SAE J1349: a barometric station is connected to the test bench for automatic temperature acquisition and correction according to atmospheric pressure. All results can be stored, compared, printed, and exported to spreadsheet files. The software is also able to calculate an average curve between different measurements.

A unique feature of Warm-Up PRO is the "EOBD telemetry" feature that allows the user to capture the motor data directly from the vehicle's EOBD socket. A wireless interface avoids complicated cable connections to the sensors. All data recording is synchronized with torque and power measurements in order to produce a complete test report of the engine.

The EOBD Wireless ScanTool software function helps the user to read and delete error codes, read PID parameters, and perform a datalogging directly on the roll test bench. The implemented ScanTool EOBD has a large error code database, including specific manufacturers "P1xx". Our communication speed adaptation algorithm with the vehicle control unit allows the user to work at the maximum communication speed possible with the car under test. In addition, a four-channel data log allows you to record the engine's behavior without recording limits.

The "special EOBD wireless features" are a unique tool for evaluating the main parameters of the powertrain section of the vehicle: air mass, lambda, supercharging pressure and rail pressure can be measured and traced in a graph according to the number of revolutions. The user simply has to perform a short full-load acceleration and the software will generate the graph of the selected parameter according to the RPM. A measurement quadro1evaluation software algorithm will determine whether the test sensor is working properly or not.

We've developed the "Upgrade Kit", an our own data acquisition and control system: it could be easily fitted also on old chassis dynos and engine dynos. Our solution (consisting of load cells, electrical panel and sensors) is based on a dual-core NI-SBRIO 9637 board: we acquire, using the FPGA on-board, continuosly the two rollers speed, the two load cells, the external lambda inputs and the auxiliary inputs (e.g. the external knock sensors).
On the Real Time board we've instead developed the EOBD-CAN loop: this choice allows the user to establish the communication between the dyno and the car in a very short time and automatically.
All these features are very interesting and even the oldest chassis dynos can be upgraded at the state-of-the-art.


acceleration copia


dyno test copia


hp torque copia

velocita copia   setup copia   Click on the picture to enlarge


Feature of the user interface software:

  spunta verdeTorque and power
  spunta verdeSpeed and acceleration test
  spunta verdeRoad simulator: Constant and aerodynamic load
  spunta verdeTest at constant speed: manual and automatic operations
  spunta verdeDirect Acquisition of RPM/Speed Ratio (Only EOBD CAN Vehicles)
  spunta verdeLambda measurements by means of a wideband lambda probe
  spunta verdeData synchronization with power measurements for vehicles EOBD CAN EOBD Scan Tool
  spunta verdeEOBD Special functions for direct sensor analysis
  spunta verdeZoom and graphics analysis tools
  spunta verdeExport data table
  spunta verdeExport charts
  spunta verdeDatabase Vehicles
  spunta verdeFull print and export of results and tests


2WD Dyno


home banco auto 2011c

Warm-Up 2WD is not only an high quality roller dyno but also, thanks to its exclusive software capabilities, an unique tool for advanced diagnostics and precise engine tune-up
warmup imaggine
Warm-Up 2WD PRO is a cost effective roller bench designed as an entry level system suitable for workshops, racing teams, engineering activities and car dealers.
Its modular structure and the real-time based CPU controller makes this bench easily upgradable to a 4WD, thus saving customer investments.
Thanks to the EOBD telemetry feature Warm-UP 2WD shares the same results database of the 4WD dyno models. Main applications of this bench are:

  spunta verdeVehicle acceptance and after repairing test

  spunta verdeEngine cooling system test.

  spunta verdeOn road simulation under safe conditions.

  spunta verdeUsed car overall verification.

  spunta verdeEmission tests under user selectable load conditions


Up to 5000 rpm balanced rollers
400mm rollers external diameter
50 mm rollers shaft diameter
6mm frame thickness
Dyno height 360 mm
High speed special ball-bearings
Sand-blasting and cataphoresis painting
boring and grinding treatment
powder final painting
Maximum braking power  600kW
Maximum speed          317 Km/h
Current supply          400 V
Standard colours       Yellow/ Black    - all  Black
Available colours       Red/Black- Orange/Black- Blue/Black

A strong mechanical design and a very accurate assembly make this test bench a valuable product for high level preparers. All mechanical parts are galvanized, the boxes are cataphoretic coated, the shafts are made in hardened steel with a diameter of 50 mm. Every component is designed, produced and tested in Italy.
DSC03514w thumb DSC03517w thumb DSC03518w thumb DSC03526w thumb DSC03529w thumb

DSC03537w thumb DSC03538w thumb DSC03541w thumb  

Click on the picture to enlarge

4WD Dyno


Warm-Up 4wD PRO is our bestseller product for the customer who wants to have no limitations in his daily work. Furthermore the two basic modules of the 4WD architecture guarantees a compact layout for the test area.

A strong mechanical design and a very accurate assembly make this test bench a valuable product for high level preparers. All mechanical parts are galvanized, the boxes are cataphoretic coated, the shafts are made in hardened steel with a diameter of 50 mm. Every component is designed, produced and tested in Italy.

4WD PRO shares with 2WD version the same mechanical design and the same components quality. An electromechanical mechanism implements the wheel spacing adjustment. The movement is guaranteed by an electric motor equipped with hardened steel rack. The two modules are connected to each other by renforced sliding platform by a tubular frame that makes them light and strong.



The data acquisition system of this bench is based on a fast data acquisition DAQ real-time. Its core is an advanced FPGA which allows high-speed calculations and hardware-level precision. 8 differential analog input channels,16 digital I/O ports, 1 CAN-BUS port, 2 RS-485 ports, 2 RS- 232 ports, 1 Ethernet port make Warm-Up expandable and ready for new deployments and software upgrades. The PC host is connected via WI-FI at the roller bench and the system has remote update routines of the software: the diagnosis and maintenance of the roller bench are not a problem even for the farest customer.






Warm-Up 4WD PRO is the best choice for a quick and convenient evaluation of car and LCV performance. Warm-Up 4WD PRO comes supplied with acquisition electronics, user interface software, wideband lambda probe, wireless remote control, cables, user manuals and certifications.

Technical specifications:

  spunta verdeMax braking Torque per axle: 1600 Nm

  spunta verdeMax speed: 317 km/h

  spunta verdeDiameter of Rollers: 400 mm

  spunta verdeLength of rollers: 700 mm

  spunta verdeVariable pitch: from 0,8 to 2,9m

  spunta verdeMaximum load for each roller set: 2.500 kg

  spunta verdeMaximum load for each roller set: 2.500 kg

  spunta verdePneumatic locking of the rollers

  spunta verdePower supply of the bench: Vac three phase 400V

Electronic acquisition with embedded real-time hardware, Barometric station for automatic correction of measurement, Host PC with user interface software.