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Company Profile

aziendaSince 2007 the italian company Bacartuning manufactures top quality chassis dynamometers for car and bikes. Bacartuning headquarter is based in the north-east of Italy, close to Vicenza and Padova industrial districts: this ensures that all parts of "Warmup PRO" dynos are designed, manufactured, assembled and tested in Italy. Customer service therefore can be supplied in very short time all over the Europe.

Since 1999 Auto Consulting works with car workshops and top tuners, supplying the best data acquisition software tools for engines and dampers performance evaluation.The same engineering group has developed many custom solutions for automotive engineering: datalog tools via CAN, dedicated software for CAM applications (hydroforming machinery) C-CAN and B-CAN analyses for driving style evaluation, air filters characterization, air conditioning components characterization.

Auto Consulting is the official distributor for "Warmup PRO" chassis dynamometers product line: all of these roller benches are featured by a Real Time SB-RIO Data Acquisition Core, embedded EOBD-CAN ISO15765 telemetry and internet upgradable software. This brand new product line has been just presented at PMW 2017 Professional Motorsport World Exhibition in Cologne.


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Warm up moto


banco moto

For those who need to perform power tests on motorbikes, the new specific hardware / software add-on is now available (both for Warm-up 4WD and for Warm-up 4WD Synchro).

With the addition of a simple front wheel lock system it is now possible to measure torque and power of motorcycles of any displacement.
The system consists of a removable base to be installed on the bench (with 16mm diameter pins), on which the wheel stops and the clamping bars are hooked.

The modification of the wheelbase can be done either by changing the positioning of the wheel lock system on the base, or by using the movement system of the test bench. In this way it is possible to obtain an extremely precise and fast regulation that reduces setup times to a minimum.

The software functions available are identical as for cars: power measurement, constant speed and speed tests, tests with constant and variable loads.